We value your employees
as much as our own

Which is why we prioritize their health, safety and comfort above all else.

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My team and I had to be repatriated from Dubai to Europe, North and South America during the mass confusion of the Great Covid shut down. The team at The Travelogist did amazing work to get us home safe and sound. They are worth their weight in gold!

D Smith, Director Expo 2020 Dubai

The Travelogist created the perfect international event for our organization in Mexico. The delivery of our event was flawless and all of our participants were as thrilled as us with the services offered!

T Vachon, Director- One Drop Foundation

Travel Management at it's best! Creative solutions, always on budget and excellent service!

F Perron, former Director Cirque du Soleil

What we do

Anyone can book your business travel, but it doesn’t mean they should.  Whether it’s an executive assistant, a co-worker or yourself booking your arrangements, travelling today brings a whole new level of complexities. Our industry experts can help you navigate this new way of travelling while ensuring that employee safety remains top priority. Our skill set and extensive experience along with our special negotiated rates will save you time and money while giving  you peace of mind. It’s not business as usual when it comes to business travel, book a free consultation with one of our Travel Coordinators to find out how we can assist in supporting you with your new travel needs.

Guidance on health and safety protocols

Including Covid-19 regulations

Access to The Travelogist App

For itineraries, boarding passes and receipts

Sourcing hundreds of reviews

To ensure we only book the best for your employees

You're Never Alone Promise

It’s really that simple. You’re never alone. Whether it’s travel disruptions, COVID related issues or losing a laptop whilst travelling. Leave your stress with us and get on with your business trip because, we’ve got you! We promise!⁠

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The Circular Travel Program

Designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.
Feel good about how your travel budget is spent.

Did you know that the impact on your destinations’ local economy from your business travel expenditures could be measured? Most companies don’t, but many would want to! The Travelogist now offers specialized travel services for organizations that prioritize socially responsible travel that reinvests in the community and the environment. We consider the following:

Does the supplier support a charitable organization or group? Do the employees do volunteer work?

Do the suppliers empower minorities such as women or youth or the disadvantaged?

Do the lodging suppliers donate their furniture or beds when they need to change them?

Is the food served provided by local farmers?

Is the supplier management staff local? If so what percentage?

What percentage of the supplies used are bought locally?

What are the sustainability practices within the suppliers’ organisation?

Is your company using fuel efficient aircrafts such as the A350 or A220 on long hauls where they are offered?

When using plastics, are the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” model to decrease environmental impacts being used?

Are suppliers using proper management of rubbish waste through local systems?

“There is no magic in magic. It’s all in the details."

Walt Disney


By using a professional industry-leading travel consultation service, you will not only save on preferential rates but also peace of mind, knowing that your employees will be safely monitored every step of the way.   

Safety first

Pandemic and Post-pandemic travel is not business as usual anymore. Working with an agency who knows the ins and outs of travel puts your employee's safety first, thus ensuring you can fulfill your Duty of Care.

Getting there

Flights can be so much more than just an aisle or window seat. The Travelogist knows all the details and fine print to make your employee trips truly comfortable and safe.

Hotels and transfers

We help with sourcing and negotiating the best lodging and ground transportation options that fit your budget and requirements.

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Your ultimate travelling companion and concierge in the palm of your hand.

It puts all your key travel information into one place, allowing you easy access – without the need for an internet connection.


What you need to know.

You're Never Alone Promise

It’s really that simple. You’re never alone nor are your employees. Whether it’s travel disruptions, COVID related issues or losing a laptop whilst travelling. (You’d be surprised how often this happens!) Leave your stress with us and get on with your business trip because, we’ve got you! We promise!⁠

How do our services benefit your company?

In addition to getting the expert guidance and assistance you need, your company will benefit from:

  • saving the costs of hiring full or part time time resources by using our industry-leading consulting and professional services to supplement your internal staff,
  • reduce the cost and burden of recruiting new resources by using our professional services
  • Stay on budget by incorporating our pre-determined block hours packages
  • Save up to 22,695$ /year on employee ancilliary costs additional to salary
Do you offer 24 hours services and how does it work?

Yes. Employees can reach us by using the chat feature on their app or calling our emergency line.


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