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We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to research and plan a thoughtful and personalised itinerary to suit your individual travel style and needs. Consult our calendar and book your video or telephone appointment today to discuss your travel plans.

  • Carefully designed travel options
  • Access to negotiated rates and perks
  • Accessible Itinerary through our APP
  • Guidance on health and safety protocols for your travels
Have questions?

What you need to know.

What if I plan a trip with friends and family? Does my plan cover them too?

As long as you are sharing the same backbone itinerary, we will treat them as your guests and manage their reservations at no extra charge. (Maximum of six persons per trip reservation)

I bought a plan but won't be travelling. Can you issue a refund?

All our plans are non-refundable, however they do not have an expiry date. You or someone else you know may use it for future trips.

Can I gift my plan to someone else?

Absolutely! We will gladly transfer unused services to the person of your choice.

Are there any additional fees on top of the plan?

We value transparency and all other costs that are not trip related are published in the plan you choose.