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10,000 Hours

As Malcolm Gladwell so eloquently describes, ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness” in other words, the amount of time required to master a craft and become an expert.  The Travelogist team exceeds this threshold by leaps and bounds (and hours!).  As a result, our extensive network includes countless organisations, local contacts in hundreds of cities across the globe, and a repertoire of experiences that will immerse you for a true, in-the-moment travel experience.

Who We Are

We are international travel concierges – part certified travel geeks and part road warriors. We’re experts in every aspect of travel, from the best airport lounges to the sweetest local spots to hit for that non-touristy flavour, we curate the best possible trip for you. Our mandate is simple: to ensure our clients experience the magic of travel.

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About Our Founder

Alain Robert

“For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with travel. The opportunity to reach out and experience new things is what defines an amazing travel experience and it has become my mission to give others that same opportunity. “

 Founder and CEO of The Travelogist, a true nomad at heart, Alain Robert has quite literally travelled and lived all over the world working in a multitude of travel-oriented roles.  He has organized and led group tours in Europe, worked for Celebrity Cruises and Aeroplan, was a flight attendant, and was the Touring Shows division’s travel supervisor at Cirque du Soleil where he managed a team that dispatched hundreds of travellers across 5 continents and over a dozen cities at any given time.  Handling logistics and unforeseen situations (those “what ifs”) is his superpower.   

 Few are those who have his breadth of travel experience and insatiable desire to surprise and delight, and when you book with the Travelogist, you will experience this, and so much more.  After all, the magic is all in the details.  

“Service is not difficult, it just has to be thoughtful” — Alain Robert, Founder The Travelogist

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